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Hukum Ohm

States that “the voltage across the various types of materials are proportionate with the straight flow of the stream.” Mathematically expressed by:
Hukum Ohm

Ohm’s law formula can be derived as follows:
Hukum Ohm

V is the voltage (in volt), I is the current that flows (in ampere) and R is resistansi or obstacles (in ohm, Ω) which is 1 ohm value is equal to 1 volt / ampere.
Resistansi is a measure of how large flow by preventing elements. Reverse of resistansi (1 / Ω, S) is called with konduktansi (G). Konduktansi is a measure of how good flowing currents akan allowed in the series. The mathematical relationship between resistansi and konduktansi stated with
Hukum Ohm
Example 1
Determine the current that flows in the series when a 12 volt battery is connected with a resistor of 2 Ω!
Hukum Ohm
Example 2
Specify resistansi of 44 fluorescent light wall W, which when connected with the voltage of 220 V will then flow currents of 200 mA!
Hukum Ohm

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